Was your Gmail inbox completely full? As a result, you’ll need additional space.

Despite the fact that Gmail provides 15GB of free storage, some users find it insufficient. Learn how to have more.

Gmail Only Provides 15Gb For Free

Gmail customers get 15GB of free storage, which is a big amount that is rarely used. The issue is that this space is shared with other Google services like Google Drive and Google Photos, leading to a desire for greater storage. Do you wish to learn how to obtain it? We’ll let you know.

There is currently no free way to expand the storage capacity of Gmail or any of the technology giant’s other services. The only way to be sure is to sign up for one of the three Google One plans. The most affordable option costs S / 6.49 (monthly subscription) and includes 100 GB of cloud storage. You save 17 percent if you pay for the annual version, which costs S / 64.99.

If 100 GB of storage isn’t enough for you, there are two other options to choose from: standard and premium. The first is S / 9.99 per month (S / 99.99 per year) for 200 GB, while the second is S / 32.49 per month (S / 324.99 per year) for 2 TB of Google cloud storage.

Delete emails that are too large.

To begin, determine how much space remains of the 15 GB of free Google storage you were given, which may be 17 GB if you have an older account. You must first input your email address into a computer and then type the following URL into the address bar ( ). It will show you the relevant information automatically.
If you’re running out of space in Gmail but don’t want to pay for a Google One subscription, go to Google Drive and delete any large files that are no longer needed. It’s also a good idea to go into Google Photos and delete any duplicate photographs or movies that are taking up unnecessary space.

You can also delete the emails with the most attachments. Typing ” size: 10M ” into the search box is one approach that can assist. You will receive only ‘e-mails’ with a size bigger than 10 megabytes right away. Check to see if it’s important; if it isn’t, delete it and empty the recycle bin.

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Notes from other Gmail accounts

Gmail: How to Read and Reply to Emails When You Don’t Have Access to the Internet

Despite the fact that Gmail is one of the most popular email systems on the planet, most users are unaware of many of its features. In that regard, there is one in particular that is particularly handy when your internet network is shaky or your access to it is restricted.

This is the offline mode, a feature that allows you to “read, reply to, and search for Gmail messages” without having to be online. Do you want to know how to get your hands on it? You must use Google Chrome to access Gmail in order to use the offline mode. It’s also worth noting that the feature only works in a conventional web browser window, not in incognito mode. We’ll tell you everything you need to know right here.

What happens if you try to attach an ‘exe’ file to an email in Gmail?

Gmail allows users to attach many sorts of files to their messages. They can be JPG or PNG pictures, AVI or MP4 films, or MP3 or WMA tunes. They are unable to send the infamous ” exe “. What is the purpose of this?

If you try to transmit this type of file, the Google-developed email will display a brief warning stating that attaching executables is not allowed for security reasons since they could contain a virus.

Gmail: how to identify and delete the heaviest emails from your mailbox

While Gmail makes it simple to transfer many types of files over email, it can become cumbersome if you end up with a number of huge messages. The platform, as is well known, only gives 15 GB of free storage per account.

If you’re worried about exceeding the set limit and not having enough memory to continue sending and receiving e-mails, you should empty your inbox. Are you interested in learning how to accomplish it quickly and easily? Then we go through everything in depth.

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