How do you stop an app from tracking your movements on your iPhone?

Do you want to protect your iPhone’s privacy? Know what you must do to ensure that the apps you download do not collect information about your activities outside of them.

You Can Revoke The Activity Tracking Permission At Any Time

Any application that you use on an iPhone phone or an iPad tablet that wants to monitor your internet activity must have your permission. This feature has been available on Apple devices since the release of iOS 14.5; however, few users are aware of it.

If you see a request to track your activity, you can accept it or tell the app not to track you. Regardless of your response, you can continue to use the app’s full functionality.

If you tell the app not to track you, the app developer will be unable to access the system advertising identifier (IDFA), which is commonly used for tracking. The app is also not permitted to track your activity using other information that identifies you or your iPhone, such as your email address.

How do I manage the permissions for activity tracking?
You can authorise or revoke an app’s permission to track your activity at any time:

Check your privacy settings to see which apps have asked to track your activity. Go to settings> privacy> tracking on your iPhone.
Toggle between deactivating and activating the tracking permission for a specific app.
You will no longer see the requests if you disable allow apps to request tracking you in the privacy settings. As long as this setting is turned off, it will be treated as if you had asked the app not to track you.

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