Facebook viral: cat is discovered by its owner when he saw his favorite series “Tom and Jerry”

facebook viral
facebook viral

On Facebook, a young man shared a video, where he discovered his little cat when he watched his favorite series ‘Tom and Jerry’ to learn some tactics.

Facebook viral: cat is discovered by its owner when he saw his favorite series "Tom and Jerry"

A video of Facebook has generated laughter in thousands of users, since a small cat is the new protagonist of the recent viral that was shared, in which he is shown watching his favorite animated series of the most comfortable.

The owner of the cat was responsible for capturing the Facebook images, when he discovered it when he saw his favorite drawing on a Tablet and sitting in his own special chair, this provoked different reactions in the users.

As seen in the viral Facebook, the little cat was sitting in a chair to see pleasant “Tom and Jerry” in a Tablet that was placed on a large piece of furniture that surprised its owner.

Apparently, the little cat did not care that he had been unmasked by his master who continued watching his animated series because he was sitting with his legs resting on the piece of furniture, just as they recorded it in the Facebook video.

The cat apparently wanted to learn the tactics of ‘Tom’, that’s why no chapter was lost, to also apply them and be able to catch a mouse. His owner did not hesitate to grab his cell phone and capture all the time and then upload it to Facebook.

Thousands of users on Facebook were more than surprised to see the funny images of the little cat, even some felt identified with the curious fact.

“That’s what your cats do when you’re not at home,” “your cat does that when he’s not with you,” “I worked super hard for Luna to have that life,” are some of the comments that can be read in Facebook

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