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Confirm Miley Cyrus’s presence in the new Black Mirror season

miley cyrus black mirror
miley cyrus black mirror

The sister of Miley Cyrus confirmed that both traveled to South Africa to attend the filming of the fifth season of the series.

Confirm Miley Cyrus's presence in the new Black Mirror season

Everything makes it look like Miley Cyrus will return through the big door to the art scene. After activating her Instagram account and starring with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin one of the best viral videos of the moment, the actress and singer has been seen again by the most important television sets in the United States. This due to the release of his new album and, everything makes it look like, also to his participation in a well-known Netflix series.

During the last weeks, the rumors that Miley would participate in the technological nightmare called Black Mirror, one of the most successful series of the virtual platform, were growing until these were finally confirmed after one of her closest relatives would count details of that event that has left all and all fans of ‘Hannah Montana’ more than happy.

It was the sister of the actress, Brandi Cyrus, who through her podcast spoke about that rumor that had been circulating several weeks in the forums of Netflix followers, confirming the fact: Miley will be present in the new season of Black Mirror. According to Brandi, both traveled a few months ago to Cape Town, in South Africa, to attend, under the strictest reserve, the filming of the tape.

What is true, too, is that so far those responsible for the series have not spoken about it and most likely will not do so until the last week before the premiere. However, other media suspect that what was said by the artist’s sister only means a promotional method for the new album by the former Disney artist.

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