Facebook Messenger: how to hide the green dot of ‘online’ for certain contacts?

You may not know it, but there is a Facebook trick that will allow you to be available to some friends and offline for others. Do you want to learn it?

Trick allows you to choose which people will see you online on Facebook Messenger. Photo: PC World

Users of Facebook Messenger, the application IM Meta know that the little green dot to the side of your contacts means that these are online, that is, they are available to chat. You may not know it, but there is a secret trick that allows you to hide this tiny circle from some people, which will allow you to be connected for some and disconnected for others. Do you want to know how?

According to Andro4all, a portal specialized in technology, most Facebook users are unaware that they have a tool that allows them to hide their connection from certain people, that is, you can appear connected for some and offline for others. Here we show you how to achieve it.

How to appear offline for certain Facebook Messenger users?

1. You must first log into your Facebook account on a computer.

2. Usually your contact list is active on the right side of the screen.

3. On the side of your contact list you will see an icon with three ellipsis, you have to press it.

4. A small list of functions will be displayed. You will have to choose to disable active status.

5. In doing so, you will see a small box with three options: turn been active for all contacts, turn been active for all contacts except … and disable only been active for some contacts.

6. You must choose the last option and write the names of your Facebook friends who will stop seeing you online.

That would be all. The people you have chosen will not see you connected on Facebook, even if it is connected from a computer or mobile device. Keep in mind that this decision will be reciprocal, that is, you will not see them when they are online.

How to activate the dark mode of Facebook?

Login to Facebook and go to the Settings section. This is in the three bars that are at the top of the app if you have Android. In the case of the iPhone, they are at the bottom of your screen.

Once there, several boxes will appear and if you go down you will see the option: ” Your time on Facebook “, where you can view the ” Dark Mode ” or “dark mode” tab. Select “Dark Mode” and another window will appear where it will say if you want to use Facebook’s light or dark mode.

How to know if an intruder has accessed our Facebook account?

First, we must log in with our account in the Web version of Facebook, then we access the Settings section, in the drop-down menu at the top right and there click on ‘Security and login’. Within this option at the top, we will see a section called ‘Where have you logged in’. This is what we are looking for.

In this section, we can find out where and from what device we have recently logged into Facebook. It is a way to control if someone has been able to connect to our account. For example, we can see that a session has been logged from a device that we do not know or even from another place. It also indicates the login date.

Facebook: how to create avatars, the latest trend in the social network

Facebook globally presented the Facebook Avatar, the new trend of the social network that gives us the possibility of becoming cute personalized stickers by creating them from yourself to share in comments and even on Facebook Messenger. The option is already available on Android and iPhone and here you can learn everything about creating avatars.

Following the trend of personalized stickers on platforms as broad as Android and iPhones, Facebook decided to make its own alternative to compete with new proposals such as Memoji, Bemoji, Animoji, and others that have become very popular in recent months.


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