The five Supreme Sorcerers who keep order in the magical universe of Marvel

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Supreme Sorcerers
Supreme Sorcerers

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness is already in theaters and with it, several unknowns remain in the air, especially the surprising first post-credits scene that leads to a third installment starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Scarlet Witch ( Elizabeth Olsen ), to the surprise of many fans, becomes the main villain of the film by wanting the powers of America Chavez ( Xochitl Gomez ) to be able to travel through the multiverses to go to one where she can meet her children again. see in the Disney+ series Scarlet Witch and Vision.

In this narrative line, Wong ( Benedict Wong ) is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth when Doctor Strange disappeared for several years due to the snap of Thanos ( Josh Brolin ) in Avengers: Infinity War. Although in the comics he is still Stephen Strange. But did you know that there is more than one Sorcerer Supreme?

How well it is explained in the movies, the power of sorcerers comes from energy from other realities to mainly create an energy barrier to protect all humanity from other energies and connect with that other realities. Although this barrier can be broken, like that of other dimensions. For this reason, other interdimensional wizards are needed to protect these other dimensions and the first post-credits scene of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has already teased one.


The Five Supreme Sorcerers Who Keep Order In The Magical Universe Of Marvel


Triboro is about the Sorcerer Supreme of the Sixth Dimension, a place where he can dominate any form of matter. Strange always manages to defeat him, until he needs help banishing the Three Mothers and Child, major mystical threats.

This Supreme Sorcerer has a high chance of appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since he is also the main enemy of America Chavez and She-Hulk, the latter series pending release sometime this year 2022.

Stephen Strange

The Five Supreme Sorcerers Who Keep Order In The Magical Universe Of Marvel


The beloved Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme on Earth in the comics. Let us remember that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe he is still Wong, the subject of many jokes that we have seen in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

He is the main barrier against other dimensions and one of the most powerful. In the comics, when he dies, he relinquishes his position to Clea, including his levitation cloak and the Eye of Agamotto to protect Earth in his absence.


The Five Supreme Sorcerers Who Keep Order In The Magical Universe Of Marvel


Charlize Theron has been chosen by Marvel to give life to Clea, the Supreme Sorceress of the dark dimension. This surprising appearance gives rise to the third installment of Doctor Strange with Stephen and her trying to solve the incursion that has originated.

This dimension was first seen in the movie Doctor Strange. Where Dormammu reigns and time does not exist in the same way that it does within the Earth, allowing it to be a source of energy for spells that prolong life and, sometimes, immortality.


The Five Supreme Sorcerers Who Keep Order In The Magical Universe Of Marvel

Illyana Rasputin has already been introduced in one of the Marvel movies, but by Fox with the horror movie The New Mutants. Anya Taylor-Joy played Magik, so there is still little hope that she will reprise this role in the MCU, after Patrick Stewart’s appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,

This acclaimed mutant has been cast as the Sorceress Supreme of Limbo. Colossus’s sister has the gift of teleportation and the manipulation of white mystical arts thanks to the training she received from the version of Storm in Limbo, a place where demons live freely and have been led by Belasco, one of the great villains from Marvel Comics.


The Five Supreme Sorcerers Who Keep Order In The Magical Universe Of Marvel

Aggamon is the Sorcerer Supreme of the purple dimension, a dimension that, as its name suggests, is purple and where Aggamon enslaves, thanks to his magic, anyone who enters it to dig in the mines and get purple gems. In one of the comics, Clea asks him to help confront Umar and Baron Mordo who had taken over the Dark Dimension.

However, he captured her as revenge for her old enemy, but she has freed thanks to Flex, who turned out to be Dormammu that he faces in the first Stephen Strange movie, Today, this dimension is still ruled by Aggamon.

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