Avengers 4: spread preview of Marvel’s most anticipated film

Avengers 4 spread preview of Marvels most anticipated film
Avengers 4 spread preview of Marvels most anticipated film

Spoilers alert! The main argument of Avengers 4 would have been spread on social networks, where the long-awaited outcome of the Marvel heroes in the fight against Thanos would be revealed.

Are you ready to read the following note? If you do not like ‘spoilers’ and you are one of the people who prefer to wait until the movie is released, then it is better not to continue reading. But, go ahead, because in this opportunity the filtered information is about the plot that Avengers 4 will have that keeps the fans of the superheroes in suspense.

Yes, this is how you read it. Everything you will read below comes from several Internet photos, where a thousand and one theories abound of what could happen in the long-awaited Marvel Studios movie. The users who filtered this information assure that it is 100% real. It depends on you to believe it or not, ready?

The movie will have three story arcs that will be connected by key characters.

First part

The film begins with Ant-Man traveling in time, going through events prior to Iron Man 1, through a time vortex in the Quantum Kingdom. He meets Hank Pym and they work in a “sling ring”. Eternity (new character) helps both and gives them several special Gauntlets to control their stay in time. Then appears the title of Avengers 4. Iron Man and Nebula are on Titan and plan their return to Earth. Scene aside, Thor goes to Hel (home of the dead who are not honest or untidy) and decides to build an army of fallen Asgardians. Ant-Man comes out of another time vortex and tells the Avengers of the past what is happening. The crazy Titan, Thanos, discovers the “sling ring” and waged a battle against Thor’s army. Both the ‘God of Thunder’ and Captain America of the future end up dying.

Second part

The remaining Avengers travel through time to collect the Gems of Infinity and thus, stop Thanos. Captain America of the past is recruited after the Tesseracto transports Red Skull. The Avengers travel to the battle of New York and the events of the Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and Thor: The Dark World. So far Captain Marvle does not have much action. In the events of Thor, Hawkeye takes the Gauntlet of Odin and Doctor Strange leaves the Gem of the Soul to go back in time. When Thanos learns of the Avengers’ plan to form another Gauntlet, he sends more minions after them. In the second battle, most Avengers of the past and future die. Hulk reaches for the Gauntlet but they cut off his arm. In the end Thanos is killed and the Gauntlet, along with the Gems of the Infinite, are destroyed.

© Third part

Tony Stark absorbs the power of the Gems of Infinity that were destroyed and Eternity appears, who reveals himself as the future version of Tony who has ascended to his mortal body. He is the one who has manipulated all the events over time and it turns out that the only people who really had “free access” were Doctor Strange, Hulk, Red Skull and Thanos. For Eternity to appear, he needed Doctor Strange to defeat Dormammu in order to become a “Conqueror” and rule the universe. With time, it would happen to be called “Kang the Conqueror”. The last battle of Avengers 4 is against Kang to stop him. Dr. Strange returns in time and murders Tony before he becomes Kang / Eternity. After the events, the Avengers remain in peace because the War of Infinity has ended. In the post-credits scene appears an old acquaintance, Ultron.

What do you think?

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