Avengers 4: The Fantastic Four would face Thanos in final fight

avenger s4
avenger s4

Marvel keeps all information about Avengers 4, so new theories continue to be filtered to the web, and this time one related to the Fantastic Four.

Avengers 4 has become the most awaited movie by millions of fans in the world, who are looking forward to its release; However, despite not having official information on the tape, until now new theories begin to emerge and put Marvel in trouble.

A new theory has generated the excitement of all fans, because it reveals the appearance of the Fantastic Four in history, who could become the best allies of The Avengers, who were reduced to half after the click of the crazy Titan that ended with half a universe.

Avengers 4: The Fantastic Four would face Thanos in final fight
Theories about time travel continue to gain strength after the premiere of Infinity War, where the group of superheroes failed to contain the power of Thanos. According to the comments, the Quantum Kingdom will be the key to reverse the damage generated by the maximum enemy and the perfect pretext to include new characters.

The new filtration maintains that the Fantastic Four will be inside Avengers 4 thanks to a trip to the quantum kingdom. “My idea is that Reed Richards does not take Susan, Johnny, Ben (and maybe Doom) into space, but a trip through the Quantum Kingdom, where an accident with his ship or team causes them to abort the mission and seek to leave of the Quantum Kingdom, in the act your ship would explode, causing a devastating wave of energy that hits you.I have no idea how each of them gets their powers but stay with me here: Johnny could be the mechanic of the team and be closer to the engine room, where the explosion happens, obtaining its fire powers, “says the theory put forward by one of the users.

As you remember, the Fantastic Four are one of Marvel’s most powerful groups, so their arrival would be the best chance to defeat Thanos; however, so far there is nothing official about it.

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