Wanda Nara posed leaning on mesh and with a lot of glamor

The model enjoys her holidays in Ibiza giving her looks to talk about.

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image 1 77

Wanda Nara showed a black one-piece mesh with white details and dazzled all her followers. The model is on vacation in Ibiza with her children.
Wanda Nara posed leaning on mesh and with a lot of glamor
” The sun made up my makeup and the wind combed my hair ,” put the model at the bottom of the publication, which quickly got 80 thousand likes and hundreds of comments . Hearts , fires and bombs were not lacking , the emojis that her followers often use to pamper Wanda.

” Beautiful “, ” What a bomb “, ” Super cute as always “, were some of the entertainments from his followers, who have used the wife of Mauro Icardi to a lot of affection.

And those are only the comments in Spanish , since the actress awakens the passions of fans around the world and in her post you can see everything from comments in Italian or English to Arabic . Undoubtedly, the samples of love he receives are international .

A toast to women
Yesterday, Wanda Nara made a particular publication on her Instagram that generated the applause of her followers.
Wanda Nara posed leaning on mesh and with a lot of glamor
The model invited to toast the “working women for whom they are also mothers . wives , friends and they never forget that to shine you only need to be different from others and have your own dreams ”.

” Anyway I toast for me, for what is coming this year and for you “, closed the representative of Mauro Icardi.

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