Larissa Riquelme posed in top and shorts to say “good morning” to her followers

The Paraguayan model greeted her fans and they filled her comments with praise.

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image 1 78

Larissa Riquelme stole all the sighs on Instagram posing with top and shorts for all her fans. The model gave advice on the clothes she wears and assured: ” I love tops .”
Larissa Riquelme posed in top and shorts to say "good morning" to her followers
Larissa showed off a blue top on Instagram.

The Paraguayan model had more than 17 thousand likes on the social network where she has more than one and a half million followers . Of course there was no lack of emojis of hearts, bombs and faces in love to flatter his post.

In addition, they commented: “ Linda ”, “ Always precious Lari ”, “ Divine ”, “The most beautiful in America”.

At the bottom of the publication, the model wished her followers a ” good day ” and recommended wearing a top, explaining its advantages: ” I wanted to show you this top is super comfortable, it is light gray, they come in various colors, I use it to train or all day! ”.
Larissa Riquelme posed in top and shorts to say "good morning" to her followers
Larissa Riquelme posed for her followers.

First he was photographed with a white one and then with a blue one, always keeping the same shorts. “You can remove the filling or use it with it! “Said the model over the top, advising fans to wear one.

What does Larissa Riquelme do
Currently, the model stars in a comedy on Paraguayan television called “ Hotel JaJa ”. He has been there for a year after his separation from Telefuturo and his departure from ” Live the afternoon .”

His character is called Lala and makes the Guaraní public laugh with his absent-mindedness. It airs Monday through Friday at 6 p.m. local time.

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