Wanda Nara showed what clothes she wears to train with a photo without… makeup!

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The businesswoman is determined to share all the details of her life with her followers, without a preamble.

If it is something that Wanda Nara has accustomed her faithful followers to, it is to reveal everything that happens in her life through her social networks. It was so that last October we all learned that she had separated from Mauro Icardi, or that at least one woman, even without knowing that it was China Suárez, had gotten into the middle of her marriage.

One of the latest news that the cosmetics businesswoman shared was the accident that her eldest son, Valentino, suffered. It was through her Instagram stories that the blonde said that the teenager had broken his collarbones and had to be hospitalized urgently.

Wanda Nara showed what clothes she wears to train with a photo without... makeup!
Wanda Nara showed what clothes she wears to train with a photo without... makeup!

In addition, Wanda Nara took the opportunity to thank the nurse who treated him as soon as they arrived and sent a very special message to everyone: “Today a nurse wrote to me who told me ‘what I would give to be you, to live your life.’ What I wanted to answer her is that she is dying to be me and I admire her. Because in the pandemic she saved all of our lives and because she chose a career that helps us all.”

But that was not all that the media left in the virtual world. Nara’s sister tries to be in constant dialogue and very close to her fans and that is how she decided to make them participate in the simplest details of her life.

That is why this week Wanda Nara published a photo of her after her daily training moment and showed her favorite look to carry it out. What caught her attention the most was her washed face since she is always criticized for the excessive retouching that she puts on her publications.

The blonde published a postcard in which she is seen without a drop of make-up, wearing a sporty top and high-waisted leggings from a Nike, having the incredible figure of Mickey that she always shows in her videos.

Wanda Nara showed what clothes she wears to train with a photo without... makeup!

The postcard quickly went viral because, in addition to showing herself from a simpler side and away from the excess makeup that she uses to promote her brand, she was seen with a completely calm face after the second round of Wandagate, when it was leaked that China Suárez had written to Mauro Icardi again.

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