Wanda Nara surprised with a bikini dug from the Italian coast

The model captivated social networks from Capri, where she spends her days with her family.

Wanda Nara And A Summer Postcard That Made Us Wish On This Cold Day Of Winter Temperatures
Wanda Nara and a summer postcard that made us wish on this cold day of winter temperatures

Summer is in full swing in Europe and so does Wanda Nara. The media is with her daughters on the Italian coast and from there she maintains her permanent activity on the networks, showing her day-to-day life and of course her figure. This time she posed in a bikini and raised sighs from her Instagram account

In a fluorescent green bikini , her husband’s representative, Mauro Icardi, was photographed looking at the horizon. Of course, the landscape only highlighted her figure, because Wanda is in Capri and she posed before a blue sky and a railing full of flowers.

The “likes” and comments were immediate. Almost 200 thousand people left their hearts on Instagram , and hundreds of fans left their message for the diva.

Wanda Nara Surprised With A Bikini Dug From The Italian Coast

“You are in my place in the world # Capri❤️ you want to be there🙏”, wrote Ana Rosenfeld , the Argentine businesswoman and writer. And the followers also left their message: “Another day without being wanda 😢”, wrote a fan with grace while other comments were limited to saying “Beautiful”, “Goddess” and even “Pretty”.

“Ma quanto sei bella Capri,” Nara wrote at the bottom of the photo, which in Spanish means “but how beautiful you are Capri”, next to the emoji of a lemon . Is that the Italian city stands out precisely for the citrus, which can be seen everywhere, even as a centerpiece in a restaurant with a candle inside. They are yellow, giant and give off an incredible aroma.

What’s more, on social media Wanda photographed her daughters next to the emblematic lemons , causing excitement among her followers.

Will Wanda Nara be in “Masterchef Celebrity 3”?

The possibility of Wanda being present in “Masterchef Celebrity 3” began to be considered. The model could be one of the participants of the show that attracted all eyes in its last two editions.

Wanda Nara Surprised With A Bikini Dug From The Italian Coast

“I want Wanda Nara to be there,” said Damián Betular , through a radio interview in the “Moskita Muerta” cycle, about the model’s participation.

Media fans exploded at the possibility of the presence of the blonde in reality. Although she was the one who answered: “Guys, I make popular pot-type meals … Rich and inexpensive for a million. How would I do at Masterchef?

Wanda should settle in Buenos Aires to participate. As in previous seasons, the recording sessions last the months that the contest lasts, and they assure that they are exhausting days.

But hope is the last thing you lose…

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