Wanda Nara broke the silence about the new conversation between China Suárez and Mauro Icardi

When the Wandagate seemed to be over, history repeated itself.

Wanda Nara
Wanda Nara

A few months ago China Suárez wrote to Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara found out and it all ended in a great international scandal. After some releases from the former “Casi Angeles” and several public interviews of the Argentine businesswoman, everything seems to have been left behind.

However, it has not been like that. China was in a relationship with the Spanish businessman Armando Neva Navareño. After 3 months of a relationship, he visited her in Argentina in March when she turned 30. But at her party, not many photos were taken of her, and when saying goodbye to her, he warned that he would close her Instagram account to dedicate himself to her work.

In the last few hours, a friend of Armando told Miter to live that things were bad between the two and now China has deleted all the photos he had with him on his networks. It was singleness that prompted her to write to Mauro Icardi. The soccer player received the simple message “Hello?”, From the cell phone of one of his best friends, the producer Marcelo La Torre, who is nicknamed Mancha. China had already addressed him in this way. At that time, Wanda was in Argentina. But when she returned, she told the media about the situation and exposed Benjamín Vicuña’s ex. The cosmetics businesswoman contacted the panelist of the El Trece cycle, Luli Fernández, to explain the situation.

Wanda is angry and fed up, she can’t believe this situation,” Luli said, showing the WhatsApp conversation she had with her. “Yes, Mauro had told me and sent a capture a few days ago (me in Buenos Aires). Now that I arrived I saw everything. But it’s handled that way. It’s not the first time. Mauro shows me and tells me, “said the blonde.

“ Mauro blocked them from all sides”, he added, explaining the situation why Suárez writes to him from other phones. “He doesn’t care about anything. He hurt many families. I am very feminist, but it is bad mine. We are talking about the same one who caressed a pregnancy and slept with her husband in a dressing room. And then she got pregnant. I expect the worst from her. I only trust in the love of my family. Let her handle herself as she wants. For me, the issue is closed, “concluded Nara.

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