Aleida Núñez shows her sculpture figure with a tight flower dress on Instagram

The model does not hesitate to make clear to us the enviable figure she has.

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2 days ago Aleida Núñez stole the look of all her followers on Instagram after she published two incredible snapshots in a striking outfit.

In the first image, we see the actress from the front while wearing a spectacular dress, quite tight, so it perfectly accentuates her sensational curves.
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For the second image, Aleida is in profile, making us witnesses of her great rearguard, in addition to holding a sunflower, since she is right in front of a flower shop.

The model does not hesitate to make clear to us the enviable figure she possesses, managing to steal the hearts of her more than 3 million followers on Instagram, where she enjoys enormous popularity.

Núñez accompanied her post with a description in which we can read “Florecer requires going through all the seasons … # mentesana #actitudpositivo”, to which many of her fans agreed with her.

So far the publication of the model has already managed to exceed 60 thousand likes, in addition to having hundreds of comments from her followers, who do not stop praising her great body.



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