Aleida Núñez vs. Ninel Conde: Who has the best celebrity figure? | PHOTOS

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These beautiful actresses and singers are considered authentic sexual symbols x

Aleida Núñez and Ninel Conde are two of the most beautiful and controversial women in the entire entertainment industry in Mexico and despite the fact that there is no enmity between the two personalities, the comparisons on social networks have not been long in coming and it is due to This is because on this occasion we will make a brief account of their respective careers and we will present you with some photos that will show who is the one with the best figure in entertainment.

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As far as is known, Aleida Núñez and Ninel Conde have not shared credits in any project, however, their careers and even personal lives have certain similarities , since both have stood out in acting and music, in addition, both are considered as authentic sexual for its extraordinary beauty.

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It is worth mentioning that it is due to this last point that the comparisons were unleashed because both actresses surprised locals and strangers by being among the first celebrities to open exclusive content pages where they pamper their most loyal followers with their most ardent photographs and videos. .

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Another of the similarities that Aleida Núñez and Ninel Conde share is that they both began their careers in the mid-1990s thanks to the fact that they shone in beauty contests, since in the case of the interpreter of “La Cosquillita” she reached second place in “Nuestra Belleza”, while in the case of “Bombón assassin” she was crowned “Miss State of Mexico”.

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As mentioned before, as far as is known, there is no type of rivalry between the two actresses and singers, proof of this is that Aleida Núñez has expressed her support for Ninel Conde in the legal dispute she has with her ex-husband Giovanni Medina for to let her see her son Emmanuel.

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Throughout their career, Aleida Núñez and Ninel Conde have never shared credits in any acting project, however, they have alternated in different concerts where each one presents their show and regarding this situation, Aleida Núñez is the one who has declared that he does not mind competing with his colleague because each one has their own personality and has reiterated that the most important thing is to satisfy the public.

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At the moment, it is unknown if in the coming months they plan to share the stage again or if there are television projects where they can waste talent together, but the mere possibility of this happening has excited their followers because seeing them together would be a delight.

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Despite the comparisons that exist between Aleida Núñez and Ninel Conde on social networks, it is extremely difficult to choose who is the most beautiful or who has the best figure because both women are extremely spectacular.

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