From the pool, Alida Núñez raises the temperature with a daring pink bikini | VIDEO

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Aleida Núñez captivated her followers with a sexy clip in the pool

Aleida Núñez once again left her Instagram followers with their mouths open thanks to a sensual video that she posted on the aforementioned social network.

The former beauty queen, named “La Reina del Mariachi” three times , became a trend this Saturday after she published a video in which the attributes she possesses can be appreciated.

Let us remember that in addition to being charismatic and talented, Aleida Núñez has become a sex symbol of this generation, which on more than one occasion has been used to flatter her.

And it is that the also singer is not only beautiful on the outside, but also has a heart of gold, which motivated her to open a series of conferences for women who, like her, live or have experienced some type of violence with their partners.

In fact, recently, Aleida Núñez confessed that she would soon take up this project for women, since its objective is to make it easier for women who do not have resources to access different types of specialists to help them overcome the episodes of violence they have experienced. staged or witnessed.

However, she made it clear that she would first finish the commitments that she had already agreed, such as the promotion of her album and the recording of the soap opera in which she is participating, where she has been seen more beautiful than ever .

Proof of this is the clip that the Lagos de Moreno native published this afternoon, in which she enjoys a hot day in the pool.

In said audiovisual, Aleida Núñez shows her flat stomach , showing that this is the product of her long exercise routines, which she continuously shares on social networks.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

In addition, the beautiful singer is wearing a pink bikini, ideal for the season , which, in addition to having a trendy color, has a very flattering ruffle at the top.

Finally, Aleida Núñez complements her sensual pink bikini with sunglasses and chains that fall from her neck to her outlined waist.

What do you think? Do you think Aleida Núñez wore this bikini ?

What do you think?

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