Aleida Núñez shows off her marked abdomen and cleavage with a pink bikini during her vacation

Aleida Núñez appeared modeling a sexy pink bikini, with which in addition to showing off her heart-stopping neckline, she showed off her marked abdomen during a brief recording

Aleida Nunez.
Aleida Nunez.

Aleida Núñez continues to exude sensuality and beauty wherever she appears, so she took advantage of the recent vacations to enjoy the weather with tiny swimsuits that revealed her perfect curves.

A few days ago, the native of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, was involved in the controversy because she was fired from the play she was starring in due to a fight with actress Ivonne Montero, who confirmed that the production of ‘Amor de tres ‘ She decided to thank her partner for the conflictive attitude she had since the presentations began and during rehearsals.

However, the actress’s statements were minimized by Aleida Núñez, who preferred to forget about the scandal to take refuge in a retirement center, from where she raised the temperature again with the help of the daring bathroom sets that she used and that were again liked. of her admirers.

Of course, the images were shown on her official Instagram page, where nearly 4 million followers witnessed her spectacular beauty.

In one of her most recent publications, the sensual 41-year-old singer appeared modeling a sexy pink bikini, with which, in addition to showing off her heart-stopping cleavage, she showed her marked abdomen with a short recording that has so far been reproduced in more than 200 thousand occasions, which confirms that she is one of the favorite celebrities within this virtual community.

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During her vacations, Aleida has not neglected her sensuality, so sitting in front of a campfire, she appeared wearing a tiny nightgown that revealed her stylized legs.

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Likewise, she shared with her followers one of the activities that she enjoys the most and has left him with great teachings, so together with an image in which she appears meditating and concentrating on what is happening inside him, she showed one of her little-known facets.

“I want to share with you that I have been practicing meditation for a long time and in this world full of uncertainty and anxiety it helps you create a state of consciousness and peace … meditation never abandons your soul,” she wrote at the bottom of the series of images.

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During her days off, the sensual actress from Jalisco also appeared in a provocative image in which she wore a revealing neon one-piece swimsuit, with which she exposed her curvaceous figure to the camera.

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