Bethany Lily April falls in love with her followers by modeling her enormous charms in a bikini

image 1 142
image 1 142

LONDON. – This Wednesday Bethany Lily April decided to give her followers 5 spectacular snapshots in a bathing suit , leaving more than one breathless.

In the first image, the model appears from the front, while staring at the camera with her beautiful blue eyes, in addition to wearing her hot bikini, revealing her great charms.
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For the second photograph we meet more closely with the beautiful blonde , as she directs her gaze to the side, displaying all her sensuality.

Inside the third photo the Londoner is standing, making us witnesses of her enviable figure , in addition, in the background we can see a beautiful garden that perfectly adorns the postcard.

Bethany appears sideways in the fourth image, as she leans on her left arm, showing her flat abdomen in contrast to her enormous charms.

Finally, the influencer appears in profile, while she is stretching her body, leaving her more than 3 million followers on Instagram breathless.

So far, Lily’s post already has more than 70 thousand likes , in addition to having hundreds of comments from her fans, who always send her their loving messages.



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