A likely release date for the last season of Stranger Things was announced by David Harbor

Stranger things
Stranger things

Stranger Things returned to the Netflix streaming service a few days ago with the release of volume 2 of its fourth season, where fans vibrated with moments of pure emotion and even cried with painful losses. We know that the production will have a fifth and final installment, of which little is known, but David Harbor has just anticipated what the next steps will be like and leaked a possible release date. Look when it would be!

The show again featured multiple characters in its storyline and Jim Hopper was one of the ones who had to fight the hardest to get what he wanted most. After the Battle of Starcourt, everyone believed him dead, but he had been kidnapped by the Russians and was being held captive in a prison. With the help of a security guard named DmitriJoyce and Murray arrive at the establishment to rescue him and return to Hawkins, where he is reunited with his daughter, Eleven.

As we mentioned, certain issues of the main premise of the final season of the show are unknown, but this Monday we learned some details thanks to the statements of the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer. In a conversation with Collider they said that the scripts will begin to be written in August, they already know where the destinies of the characters are heading and that it will be a shorter installment than the fourth. But he was not the only one who gave information about it. David Harbor spoke to GQ Magazine about his news and, of course, the series was not a subject to avoid. There he talked about his favorite moments: Eddie’s heroic death; Eleven and Vecna’s climactic mental battle; and seeing a mangled Hawkins sprayed with hellish flames: “There’s like huge cracks going through all of Indiana, one would guess. So I don’t know what the hell is going to happen in season five now,” he mentioned. Finally, he announced what the production plans would be and the release date?

When will the fifth season of Stranger Things be released?

When asked about the final season of Stranger Things, Harbor‘s response was, “I think we’ll start filming next year. They’re finishing writing it this year and they need to prep and stuff, so hopefully this year. ” He also pointed out when it could arrive: “I think that’s the plan. So it would probably be released in the middle of 2024, based on our history”. In this way, the times of the series extend more than imagined and the fans would wait two years to know the end.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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