Christian Nodal has announced a short-term break from music production and touring

Christian Nodal as a fiery model poses for the cover of Playboy
Christian Nodal as a fiery model poses for the cover of Playboy

The singer Christian Nodal made the announcement that he would be retiring from the stage, but it will only be for a period of two months. During that time, he plans to take some time off to relax and get his head straight.

“The current season of the shows has come to an end, my people. I’m going to take a break for the entire month of July and all of August. There are only a handful of dates left, but I want to express my gratitude to all of my supporters from the depths of my heart for giving everything they have on stage “he said in a video that was broadcast on social networks that he was a singer-songwriter.

In recent days, the Sonoran has traveled to a number of countries in Central and South America, including Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. In September, Christian Nodal intends to continue his tour through Mexico and the United States. “Thank you, I carry them on my chest,” Christian Nodal said after receiving the compliment.

“Because I will also be working on the album Foraji2, you can anticipate hearing a great deal of music and coming across many stunning things. I adore you very much, and I am extremely grateful that you chose to accompany me on this journey.” It has been speculated in a variety of media outlets that one of the reasons the singer will take a break is to concentrate on his current partner, the Argentine rapper Cazzu. This speculation has been made in light of the fact that the singer will be taking a break.

Cazzu and Christian Nodal 1
Cazzu and Christian Nodal 1

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