YouTube announces its most anticipated option: you may now download videos from its website

YouTube videos can now be downloaded for the first time without the requirement for external applications. The option is not open to all, though.

The Option To Download Youtube Videos Is Not Yet Available Worldwide

You typed “download YouTube videos” or “convert YouTube videos into MP3” in the Google Search Engine and saw countless web pages or apps that promise this service. This is no longer necessary, however. The platform allows you to download videos lawfully. It happens.

As you read it, just as you read it. Google has recently offered one of the most awaited choices for millions of people worldwide. YouTube gives the opportunity to download videos on the Web.

In order to access this programme, you need to have the newest version of Chrome, Microsoft Explorer or the Opera browser, you need to visit and download your most popular multimedia content. Best of all, there are no restrictions.

This option has been found in the well-known Android Police Medium because you only have to click on the new download button in the options bar of the clip.

All the stuff you are downloading will be stored in the download part of your YouTube account, from where you can play the videos. Best of all, to do that, you don’t have to connect to the Internet.

You can only download videos at a maximum resolution of 1.080p at present, but that’s not the worst. This highly crucial tool does not exist for all users, but it is only available for YouTube Premium. That is, if you want this benefit, you will have to pay.

Another thing we should remember is that this option was not available worldwide, as it has been confirmed by only French, Indian and other users that they can try it.

How to translate YouTube comments automatically?

As you read it, just as you read it. YouTube has finally permitted all users to access the instant translation option in its application, whether they have a standard account or Premium.

In the past months, translation of comments has been a very highly commented feature because it was in the testing period and could only be tested on paid accounts by users. This changed throughout September of this year, however. It is believed that the programme will be updated for the rest of the Internet users little by little.

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