WhatsApp: what is the meaning of melting face and how to use it?

The emoji is included in the new WhatsApp emoticon package which comes with the next update. We give you more details here.

The Emoji Is Part Of A Great New Pack Of Whatsapp Stickers

The emoji are a key complement to the discussions WhatsApp has become a reality since years ago. While previous emoticons consist of a combination of punctuation and letters, today’s icons are made expertly and provide a wide range of expressions, some of which do not actually exist.

This is the case with the emoji of the melting face, which will reach WhatsApp in a few days’ time and will combine its new bundle of faces, animals, symbols and flags in the accounts of 2,000 million people worldwide. Here we explain the meaning and use of it in your everyday life.

What does the emoji of WhatsApp’s melting face mean?

The expression of an emoticon is often straightforward and more efficient than words in communicating emotion. The cheerful face, the crying face or the angry face, for example. However, WhatsApp has 3,000 emoticons on its platform and some are bewildering for users, to say the least. In other words, its significance is not evident.

Fortunately, Emojipedia is a website specialising in the emoji world and its meanings, uses and interpretations. We can look for the light of this unique, strange emblem in the WhatsApp emoticon package.

As it is formally termed, the melting face is meant to indicate sarcasm. It also literally speaks of intense heat, which provides the sense of melting. On the other hand, a metaphorical use can be made, and a feeling of shame or dread is slowly sinking us.

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