Google Chrome: the trick to save data when browsing the internet

Do you want to save on the use of mobile data when you visit web pages? This Google Chrome tool makes it possible.

This tool is available in the version of Google Chrome for Android phones. Photo: 9to5google

Is your internet connection slow? Is your mobile data limited? If you want to prevent your internet experience from being affected by these inconveniences, then you should use the lite mode available in Google Chrome. What is this feature about? Here we give you all the details.

How does the lite mode of Google Chrome work?

When you use this tool, some of your web traffic will go through Google’s servers before it is downloaded to your computer. In this way, if a page loads slowly, the platform will simplify it so that less data is used on your device.

In most cases, the websites will work the same way and will look the same as ever. However, you should bear in mind that if you use incognito mode to browse the internet, the lite mode will not be enabled.

How to activate the lite mode of Google Chrome?

  1. Open the Google Chrome application from your Android device
  2. Press the three dots icon ⋮ to display the main menu
  3. Access the configuration section
  4. Scroll down to the advanced settings section
  5. Click on the lite mode option
  6. Activate the lite mode switch.

At the moment, this feature is available exclusively in the version of the browser for Android phones and tablets, so you will not be able to access it if you use the desktop edition or the application for iPhone and iPad.

How to see how much data you saved with lite mode?

  1. Enter the Google Chrome application
  2. Press the three dots icon ⋮ to display the main menu
  3. Access the configuration panel again
  4. Scroll down and select lite mode
  5. You will see a list of the sites you visited, as well as the amount of data used and saved in each one.

Additionally, you can access a summary of the total data saved in Google Chrome by simply pressing the three-point button. When the floating menu is displayed, the number of megabytes will appear at the bottom and since when the use of the internet has been economized.

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