WhatsApp: so you can activate the Halloween mode of the application from your Android phone

Learn here how this simple WhatsApp trick works that will allow you to activate a Halloween theme in the app.

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Through the Nova Launcher app you can edit the WhatsApp icon for a more chilling one. Photo composition The Republic

In social networks is made viral a new trick WhatsApp that has terrorized thousands. If you are already celebrating October 31, we tell you that the messaging service for iOS and Android mobile devices has a secret theme called Halloween mode, the same one that you can activate completely for free from your smartphone. Do you know how? We will tell you.

Just as there are emojis and stickers based on Halloween, this would not be the only way to enjoy October 31 on WhatsApp. If you want the Halloween theme to be present on your Android phone, we recommend that you continue reading this note.

WhatsApp and Halloween mode

One of the main requirements to activate the Halloween mode of the messaging app is to have an Android phone and download the free Nova Launcher application from Google Play. In case you did not know, it is an app launcher or launcher that will allow you to customize the interface and applications installed on your smartphone.

It will be thanks to this incredible function that you can replace the white phone icon on a green background with a fearsome orange pumpkin, as shown in the image. If you want to have it, just follow these steps:

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  • Download Nova Launcher for free from the Play Store
  • Once installed on your phone, the basic configuration of the application will be activated: Create a new design or choose a ready-made one: choose a theme between light, dark or dynamic; choose how to open the app drawer, sliding the screen up or opening a folder
  • Then, two different interfaces will be activated on your smartphone: the one that you bring by default and the one that you can place with Nova Launcher
  • Enter the web browser from your phone and this image. You can also search for another by typing in Google: ‘WhatsApp logo Halloween png’
  • Return to Nova Launcher, enter the application drawer and look for WhatsApp
  • Press and hold the icon and choose the option to change it with the image you just downloaded
  • Finally, edit the measures of the icon and you already have the WhatsApp icon in the shape of a pumpkin

How to activate the ‘dark mode’?

WhatsApp’s ‘dark mode’ changes the green color that characterizes the instant messaging application and replaces it with a black one, this to protect the view of users who chat at night with their friends, family, co-workers, etc.

If you want to use WhatsApp’s ‘dark mode’, then we recommend applying the following secret trick that has just been shared on YouTube and that thousands of people are already using with very satisfactory results.


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