WhatsApp: read messages without your friends knowing

Christina d'souza
Christina d'souza
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Diese Smartphone Besitzer Muessen Schon Bald Auf Whatsapp Verzichten
diese smartphone besitzer muessen schon bald auf whatsapp verzichten

It has happened to all of us that a person speaks to us on WhatsApp, but for whatever reason, we do not want them to know that we have read their message. For this reason, you should know that there is a secret trick of the messaging service that has gone viral on social networks and that allows us to read messages without entering the app and thus the double blue check of reading confirmation is not activated. How can we do it? Here we explain it to you.

Although we can read some WhatsApp messages from the notification bar of our phone, most of the time the message cannot be fully displayed. Another known method is with the help of airplane mode, but this also has certain limitations.

However, there is another simple WhatsApp trick that does not require third-party applications and that takes advantage of the functionality of Android phones. Therefore, unfortunately, this trick cannot be applied to iPhone.

Step by step to read WhatsApp messages if your contacts know

To activate this trick we only have to use the official WhatsApp widget, available on all devices with the Android operating system. To do so, just follow these instructions:

Enter the display settings of your Android phone.
There are many ways of doing it; Depending on your cell phone, it can be by pinching the screen or pressing it for a few seconds.
The Widgets option will appear; you have to log in to see all the ones you have available.
You will see the widgets available on your phone. There will be Gmail, Google Drive, Chrome, among other apps that you have installed on your Android.
You must look for the WhatsApp widget (which has a chat form) and drop it on the cell phone screen (preferably empty).
When the widget has been added to your smartphone screen, you can enlarge it to see more messages.
In this simple way you can read all the messages that arrive in your WhatsApp account without having to enter the application and mark them as read.

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