PUBG Mobile India: The new trailer was uploaded on YouTube for a few seconds.

The YouTube channel PUBG Mobile India reportedly uploaded some fragments of the trailer; these fragments are set to private for some time. Some influencers in the PUBG India mobile community noticed this within a short period of time and disclosed the information publicly.


After PUBG Mobile is banned in India in September 2020, it is expected to replace PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile India is still awaiting approval from the Indian government and developer Krafton Inc. Work with them to launch it.


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These new trailers are divided into four parts, titled “All new PUBG Mobile is coming to India soon.” This is a trailer uploaded on the social media platform of PUBG Mobile India a few months ago, and these clips were immediately moved to “private mode” by officials. Influential figures in the PUBG mobile community have already hinted at major events related to PUBG mobile, and YouTube officials can also regard it as a minor trouble.

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These clips cannot be regarded as reliable proof of official release, but may imply that PUBG Mobile India may be released soon.


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There are also some technical errors that may have caused this series of uploads and fragments to be privatized.

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