Learn how to respond on to each individual message on Instagram like on WhatsApp

In the Instagram chats, you can quote the messages that your contacts send you to answer them in order. If you don’t know how to do it yet, here we help you.

Learn how to use this useful Instagram feature. Photo: How to Geek

Instagram is one of the applications of Meta most popular in the world and has constant updates that enhance the user experience ever. For example, your chat has had interesting additions throughout 2021, such as the secret mode, customizable themes, among other options.

Like its sister app WhatsApp, Instagram chats give you the ability to quote the messages your followers send you and reply to them separately. This allows the conversation to flow more orderly and without misunderstandings.

Activating this useful tool may be a bit confusing for you, so here we explain exactly how you can use it in your day-to-day life.

How to reply to messages separately in the Instagram app?

  1. First, enter the Instagram application, regardless of whether your mobile is Android or iOS
  2. Click on the chat icon, that is, the one with a message bubble similar to that of Facebook Messenger
  3. Enter any conversation
  4. Select one of the messages and swipe to the right with your thumb until an arrow appears on the left side
  5. Automatically, the message will be ‘quoted’ by the app. You just have to compose the message that will respond specifically to the information you selected
  6. Send it and go

How to carry out the same process on Instagram from PC?

  1. Access the web version of Instagram from your laptop or PC
  2. As before, you must click on the messages icon to enter the chats section
  3. Enter any of your conversations
  4. Hover over one of the messages that interest you to activate the three options on the right side of the screen. Choose the one that is shaped like a curved arrow
  5. Write your answer and send it

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