Yanet García, model with green micro lingerie on her back that exposes her curves

Yanet García, the Mexican speaker called “La Chica del Clima”, reappeared posing with her back to the camera while putting on a little environment-friendly lingerie garment that was lost in between her curves

Yanet Garcia 16
Yanet Garcia 16

Yanet García does not quit standing out on social networks, where once again she recorded all eyes by positioning herself with underwear established that exposed her hot rear while presenting herself with her back to the electronic camera.

The Mexican design, which is referred to as “La Chica del Clima”, remains to enjoy the honey of success within the OnlyFans special content platform, which she participated in April 2021, but which with time has catapulted the acknowledgment of its public via digital systems.

And it was thanks to her bold pictures that she handled to place herself as one of the spoiled celebs of Instagram, a social media network on which she reveals hot photos and in which she will overcome the hearts of 15 million fans who flatter her appeal at every chance. that is presented to them.

This is exactly how they reacted to one of her most recent publications, in which she appeared positioned with her back to the camera while wearing a small green lingerie garment that was shed between her contours to disclose her figure.

The picture, which on this occasion was just accompanied by an emoji of a heart on fire, prompted the reaction of thousands of fans that allowed him to recognize that she looks as attractive as ever.

While in a magazine made weeks ago, she valued modeling this same garment however showing her curved profile triggered an actual shower of praises.

Naturally, this is not the only magazine that has astounded the attention of her admirers in current days, given that Yanet García has also been seen with various other symptomatic collections of intimate garments that further enhance her beauty.

The 31-year-old actress additionally traveled a couple of weeks ago to the Turks as well as Caicos Islands for the manufacturing of brand-new pictures, so before exposing the terrific shocks she has prepared, she was seen modeling in a white layer with which she was seen rarely.

Days later on, she disclosed a bold snapshot in which, about to go topless, she welcomed the month of June with a fragile fuchsia set that, thanks to its transparencies, became one of the preferred publications in her heated image gallery.

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