iPhone would drain your battery after iOS 15.4 update

iOS 15.4 would be causing some problems for iPhone users after this update.

Iphone Would Drain Your Battery After Ios 15.4 Update
iPhone would drain your battery after iOS 15.4 update

Usually, when Apple releases an update to its iOS operating system for iPhone, users don’t have much to do or worry about.

New software often arrives and downloads automatically, so people usually get a friendly notification that everything is ready to install and have an improved experience.

However, sometimes things don’t go as well as Apple would like and some unexpected failures arise that translate into relative discomfort for users who ventured to immediately install the new version of their operating system.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what would be happening today with iOS 15.4

The iPhone 13 sees its battery reduced with the new version of iOS

At the beginning of the week which is already ending, Apple released iOS 15.4. A long-awaited update that allows iPhone users to finally unlock their phones using Face ID complete with a face mask (although in addition to the Apple Watch ).

It is an improvement that users had been demanding and waiting for two years, so the expectation was quite high, and although in the first days of testing it proved not to be perfect, it represented an important advance.

Until the first reports of problems began to emerge, where it seems iOS 15.4 is mercilessly draining users’ battery:

The iOS 15.4 update, which also adds a new gender-neutral voice for Siri, would primarily affect iPhone 13 and some iPhone 12 users.

In some of the cases, it is estimated that the battery would last more or less half of what it used to last before implementing the new operating system.

Although it is not clear if these collective reports of battery depletion are also due in part to FaceID’s own collaboration with the Apple Watch in this update.

In fact, it is natural that the background processes to finish closing the configuration after the transition can drain the battery a little more than normal.

But it is something that is usually solved the next load cycle and here the cases with this type of report have begun to accumulate.

So currently the community is in this limbo situation, where we wait for Apple to confirm whether or not there is a problem.

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