iPhone 14 Pro filters its design in renders without notch and with Face ID

The iPhone 14 Pro would look like this, with a front that is pure screen, eliminating the notch or front notch for the selfie camera.

Iphone 14 Pro Filters Its Design In Renders Without Notch And With Face Id
iPhone 14 Pro filters its design in renders without notch and with Face ID

There are six months left before Apple presents its new line of iPhone 14 phones. But it is right from this moment when leaks and rumours about the new model of each year traditionally begin to circulate without brake.

In the case of 2022, the scenario that we have seen on past occasions is relatively repeated but with some variations.

There remains the trepidation and discomfort that Apple is sticking to the same general design style, adopting if anything recycled changes from a decade ago, like the flat sides, carried over from the iPhone 4.

To this is added the uncertainty about the availability and changes in its technical specifications due to the global crisis of components.

And it is just within this context that what would be the first reliable rendering of what the new phone would look like emerges.

This would be the iPhone 14 Pro

The crazy people of 91Mobiles have just shared a series of renders showing us the supposed final design of the iPhone 14 Pro, with some radical and interesting changes in its appearance.

The bottom line here is that these images would be based on final leaked CAD files. So, in theory, it would be a fairly reliable representation:

As we can see, one of the key differences in the design of the iPhone 14 Pro would be its front face that almost completely eliminates the notch or notch to adopt a pill-shaped cutout to implement, in theory, Face ID next to the camera. for perforated selfies.

The layout of that array is somewhat lopsided, but it doesn’t look unpleasant overall. The rear camera module will follow more or less the same aesthetic logic of recent years. Although the great unknown there will be the power of each lens.

In fact, we could say that these design changes reinforce previous rumours that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be very different from the regular models.

These changes and differences would not only be in the components and the chipset used as the core. If not, the design will also make it clear when it is a top-of-the-range iPhone 14 or a basic one.

In this aspect of the hardware, it is said that the most robust variables would run with an A16 Bionic processor, while the other two would only use an A15 Bionic currently present in the iPhone 13.

What do you think?

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