iPhone 14 could run out of A16 processor

The global component crisis could hit Apple the hardest with the iPhone 14.

Iphone 14 Pro Filters Its Design In Renders Without Notch And With Face Id
iPhone 14 Pro filters its design in renders without notch and with Face ID

Apple could find itself in one of the most delicate moments within its production line and this could impact the future of the iPhone 14 and its supposed destiny of having an A16 processor.

The first signs of confusion came with the presentation of the iPhone SE 3 where all previous reports indicated that the guys from Cupertino would bet this time on a more aggressive commercial strategy, with a more accessible retail price.

In the end, as we saw, that did not happen, on the contrary, the smartphone ended up being more expensive than its predecessor, in part because it integrated support technology for 5G networks.

But the elephant in the room was undoubtedly the issue of production costs, components and the fact that the shortage of chips remains global. And this could get even worse.

iPhone 14 would not have an A16 processor in almost all its models

The renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has just published a new report, where he predicts, for better or for worse, that the next generation of Apple’s smartphone could be affected in its traditional component alignment dynamics.

Since, according to its report, the iPhone 14 would be forced to relegate the presence of the future A16 processor only to the most robust model of the family.

Kuo claims that standard models, including the iPhone 14 and rumoured iPhone 14 Max, will keep the A15 Bionic processor found in recent models.

While the Pro models will be equipped with a new A16 chip. Although there would be a way in which they would seek to compensate for everything.

In theory, all four models of the iPhone 14 would come with 6 GB of RAM, in the most basic models we will have LPDDR 4X memory, while the 14 Pro will see LPDDR 5 memory inside.

This increase in RAM and adjustments in the type of memory would help maintain the feeling of better performance and increase in hardware power. Although the great absentee is the A16 processor.

The expectation is that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be 30% more efficient compared to standard models thanks to LPDDR 5 memory.

The entry-level models will feel snappy compared to the iPhone 13 for sure, though many may find the absence of the A16 chip off-putting.

The report about an increase in the RAM of the next iPhone has been circulating for a long time and now with this processor distribution variable, it makes more sense.

Although it will be necessary to wait.

What do you think?

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Iphone 14 Pro Filters Its Design In Renders Without Notch And With Face Id

iPhone 14 Pro filters its design in renders without notch and with Face ID

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