iPhone: so you can sync your smartphone with your Mac using Finder

If you previously used iTunes to sync your iPhone, now Finder takes over.

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Finder's appearance is very similar to iTunes so users are familiar with syncing. Photo: applesfera

The latest update to Apple’s desktop operating system, macOS Catalina, started a new era for the company, as the company decided to remove iTunes from its system and divide its functions into three separate applications: Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV. However, neither of these can sync iPhones or iPads to a Mac computer.

Now, the synchronization between cell phones and computers in Apple will be carried out with Finder, an application responsible for the total management of user files, disks, networks, and apps in general.

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How to synchronize the equipment?

Although it is not a new system, many users still do not know how to perform this action, so here we detail it:

  • With a cable, the iPhone or iPad must be connected to the computer and a Finder window must open.
  • With any tab of the app open, we can see that the device appears in the sidebar, in the “Locations” section.
  • In the new section that appears, all the information related to the iPhone or iPad will appear, such as files, photos, music, videos, and podcasts.
  • In the case that you do not want to use a connection cable, you can activate the option “Show this iPhone with Wi-Fi connection”.
  • We will see that the Finder interface is very reminiscent of iTunes so that users familiar with the defunct program will not have a hard time adapting to the new method.
  • To start the process, we must press the “Synchronize” button.


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