iPhone SE 3: Why it is more expensive compared to others?

For months it was believed that when the iPhone SE 3 was introduced it would be cheaper than the previous model. But it turned out that it was not and it is more expensive.

It was a strange situation and not exactly pleasant for many. When the first unconfirmed but solid reports began that Apple would launch a new iPhone SE this 2022, one of the first things that were stated was that it would be cheaper.

At the time there were plenty of reports talking about how the boys from Cupertino would adapt their strategy to achieve a much more attractive starting price for those who had not yet decided to purchase the device.

In theory, then, the iPhone SE 3 would be priced at USD $399, but in the end, as we saw, that was not what happened.

Here we try to explain why the cost of the telephone has increased to be somewhat higher than previously believed.

Why does the iPhone SE 3 cost $30 more than expected

The first thing we must be clear about is that this whole idea that the iPhone SE 3 would be cheaper was merely based on speculation arising from a report published by a series of relatively reliable leakers.

His credibility record was quite high, so a good part of the community believed that Apple would indeed surprised by launching a phone with a more attractive price for tight budgets.

At the end that did not happen, on the contrary, it was revealed that the iPhone SE 3 would end up being sold under the following cost distribution:

iPhone SE 3 64GB: $429 USD

iPhone SE 3 128GB: $479

iPhone SE 3 256GB: $579

In other words, the most basic model of the smartphone would have a price of USD $30 higher than expected and the reason would be a simple one: its support for 5G networks.

This capacity has gradually become a standard for new generation smartphones. But the manufacturing technology of these components is still relatively high and this necessarily ends up being reflected in the final price.

Now it seems that cost has dropped a bit, but not enough not to notice the contrast with the initial reports.

In the end, having that latest telecommunications technology will end up being reflected in what consumers will have to pay.

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Written by Christina d'souza

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