“I have the new iPhone 13 and I can’t tell the difference,” says Apple co-founder

The legendary ‘Woz’ had famous words for the new phone of the company that he helped found with his friend Steve Jobs.

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Steve Wozniak, one of the most important programmers and entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution, is also one of the most authorized voices to comment on any subject related to Apple, a company he founded in the mid-1970s with his friend from childhood Steve Jobs. Regarding the iPhone 13, the company’s new phone, the well-known ‘ Woz ‘ had very curious words that have already been echoed in the apple community on social networks.

True to his eloquent style, Wozniak pointed out what he thinks of the new smartphone made in Cupertino, of which he already has his own copy, as he confirmed in statements to the Yahoo Finance portal.

“I have the new iPhone 13, but I can’t tell the difference,” said ‘ Woz ‘ with remarkable bluntness. “I am concerned about the breadth and the size, but I don’t study it. I am only interested in whether our products are good”, he added.

Wozniak is well remembered for his contribution to the PC (and Mac) industry, as it was he who designed the Apple I and Apple II, two of the first commercial personal computers.

Beyond his activities outside of Apple, his work has always been close to open-source and backward compatibility. For him, a positive point of the Cupertino smartphones is that the operating systems are still supported in older models.

He also commented on the good moment of the company in terms of revenue: “I am glad that Apple is such a healthy company, we have managed to keep our name without scandals”, he confessed.

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