Gmail: make the most of filters and organize your emails easily

Here are some tips to be able to classify your emails and improve the order of your Gmail.

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Gmail: make the most of filters and organize your emails easily

There are many users who daily “battle” with the order of their emails because sometimes so many arrive that the most important ones get lost in the inbox, which causes problems with work, study, or family. Aware of this, Google has always had filters to find what you need in the long list of unopened emails.

In addition, these filters can also be used to classify emails as they enter the “received” folder. These options allow us to properly order our mail space according to our tastes in order to improve our work rate.


How to create a filter?

This process is very simple because Google wanted to make sure that all its users can do it easily. First, you must go to the search engine that is integrated in Gmail and click on “Show search options.” Then all the options that we have to carry out a thorough search will appear. In the event that we want a filter and use it repeatedly, we must select the option ” Create filter” and the options that have been selected will be saved.

There is also a second option on how to do it. We just have to open any email that they have sent us and display the “more” menu to press the “Filter similar messages” option, so we will see all the emails that are similar to it.

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How to change a filter?

On many occasions, we will have to modify or update our filters as there will always be different classifications. To do this, we just have to go to “Configuration”, click on “See all settings”, select “Filters and blocked addresses”, and there we will choose all the filters that we want to modify and click “export”. In the new window, an XML file will be generated, we must insert it in the same direction but instead of “export”, we must press the “import” option and upload the file.


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