Gmail: learn the trick to stop receiving advertising emails

Do advertising emails fill your Gmail inbox? With this trick you can solve this problem.

The advertising emails that reach Gmail usually belong to fashion or entertainment companies.
The advertising emails that reach Gmail usually belong to fashion or entertainment companies.

Throughout the day we receive all kinds of emails in our Gmail inbox. Those that interest us because they are of personal relevance or issues related to working and other messages that belong to companies, many of the social networks, whose content is mainly advertising.

The advertising emails usually belong to fashion, leisure or digital platform companies, which have included the user in a distribution list to send messages about their service to their Gmail account and that, on many occasions, the person does not even remember when they have agreed to receive such information.

Although you can mark annoying emails as spam, they will be located in the aforementioned folder, but they will continue to fill your inbox. Therefore, it is necessary to know the trick that allows you to unsubscribe from these messages and thus stop receiving them.

How to stop receiving advertising emails?

To stop receiving spam emails, we just have to go to the Unroll.Me page, which is an online service and application that can show you a list of all your active subscriptions, allowing you to effortlessly unsubscribe those advertising emails that you no longer want to receive in your tray with a simple click.

The purpose of this page is to help you manage your Gmail inbox more efficiently by getting rid of the advertising messages you receive. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Enter the web browser from your PC and type Unroll.Me
  • Click start now
  • Choose the email that you are going to clean from published messages
  • After clicking, all the subscriptions you have will appear so that you can delete them
  • Click on edit and Unsubscribe on the service from which you no longer want to receive messages.

Gmail: so you can know if they read the email you sent

If you frequently send emails through Gmail and would like to verify that the other person has already reviewed them, there are a number of simple methods that will allow you to find out this information easily.

The email service of Google has a native tool that lets you know whether the recipient has read the email you have sent. You will find the notifications of reading your messages in your inbox.

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