Facebook: how to limit who can comment on my posts on the social network?

It’s possible. Many users choose to disable comments on their posts, but there is a trick to doing so with only specific contacts.

Facebook users in United States are deleting the app from their smartphone
Facebook users in United States are deleting the app from their smartphone

Facebook , the most used social network in the world, has always dealt with problems that affect the community. The platform actively works to filter the millions of fake accounts that are created on a daily basis and restrict users who do not comply with the community standards. However, sometimes it is necessary to take individual actions, from our own account.

For example, one of the most common cases is when a contact comments on something that you do not like or that you simply do not want to appear in your publication. It is not uncommon for this to be done on a recurring basis and causes you to want to limit the actions of that specific person.

The good news is that Facebook provides an option for such cases, so that you avoid any anger, arguments or even you have to block that contact. To do this, you can define yourself who can comment on your publications. The steps are simple and are available both on the web and on Android and iPhone.

How can I limit who can comment on my Facebook posts?

The procedure is as follows and you can do it from any platform once you have entered the configuration menu. On the web, you can do it by clicking on the down arrow in the upper right corner, clicking on settings and privacy and then on settings. On mobile phones, look for the three stripes and slide the screen down until you find that section.

After that, follow these steps:

  • In the privacy section , click on public publications
  • Find the section who can follow me and touch on public or friends
  • Then, locate the part below the comments of public publications and from there you can choose three options
  • Choose public if you want anyone to be able to comment on your posts, even those who do not have you added
  • Choose friends of friends if you only want comments from contacts and possible acquaintances
  • Choose friends if you only want your added contacts to be able to comment on you.

Now, to choose who can comment on each publication, you can do it from the post itself and locating the three points in the upper right part of it. After that, click on edit privacy and choose one of the options: Public, friends, friends except (to prohibit someone from commenting), specific friends (to choose a select group of people) or just me.

When you choose one of these options, your next posts on the social network will have the same default settings, but you can change them whenever you want and individually.

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