WhatsApp: so you can quickly notify your contacts when you change your number

Many are unaware that WhatsApp has a tool that allows you to notify your contacts when you change your phone number, but not your account.

This Trick Falls Short For When Your Contacts Are Not Notified That You Changed Your Number And You Want To Do It Manually. Photo: Metropolis
This trick falls short for when your contacts are not notified that you changed your number and you want to do it manually. Photo: Metropolis

If for some eventuality or personal reason you decided to change your phone number , then you may be worried about not keeping all the contacts and files attached to your WhatsApp account. The good news is that maintaining both is possible and very easy thanks to a secret trick that allows you to preserve all the settings in the app with another cell phone.

This trick is an alternative to the notification system itself, since it may not include those who do not have you in their contact list . With this trick, you yourself would send an individual message to each friend, family member or colleague on your current account to ensure that everyone has updated your information on their computers.

Until a few months ago, the number change notifications were not available on WhatsApp, but this changed with one of the last updates of 2021. However, the method we are referring to still works and turns out to be a great alternative to not lose contact with nobody.

We share with you the method of creating a distribution list. Follow the steps shown below if you are ready to migrate to another WhatsApp account with a different number:

  • On the phone that you will change, open the WhatsApp application
  • On the Chats screen, click on the three lines in the upper right corner and go to New broadcast
  • Choose all contacts or only those you want to send your new number to.
  • Click on the green check at the bottom
  • A chat window similar to a group will appear. Write there your new number with a message or send your new contact with the option to attach.

Ready, now you can send this broadcast list and all your contacts will receive your new number with your name attached. Remember that only those who have you added with your old phone will be able to receive this message.


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