Flight from the Canary Islands. Polish are stuck in Morocco

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A group of Polish tourists got stuck in Morocco. They returned to Poland from holidays in the Canary Islands. Their plane had to make an emergency landing in Casablanca. The problem is that not everyone has their passports with them.

Desperate tourists stuck at the airport in Morocco called the RMF FM Hotline. They were already returning from their holidays in Fuerteventura when due to a breakdown their plane had to land in Casablanca.

For a dozen or so hours, a group of around 180 tourists has been in Morocco instead of returning to Katowice.

About 100 people were able to leave the airport, they were taken to hotels to rest comfortably. These are people who had passports with them and could cross the Moroccan border.

80 people, including children, do not have their passports with them – after all, they spent their holidays in Spain – and they cannot leave the premises to which they were taken. These people were not released from the airport.

“We are waiting for some consul, ambassador. There is no such person here” – said Mr. Maciej, who is also waiting at the airport in Casablanca.

He also told us that four hours had passed before tourists were allowed to disembark the machine and enter the airport. “People were fainting,” he told us.

RMF FM reporter Mariusz Piekarski has determined that tourists will be taken to Poland by a new plane. According to the information we received, the departure was initially scheduled for 5:30 PM.

This means that 80 people will spend 17-18 hours at the airport.

The head of the Itaka travel agency informed us that it was not possible to organize a replacement plane earlier, because after the pandemic there is a huge problem with free crews, and for several days there has been serious chaos in the aviation market in Europe.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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