He drove the scooter over the speed bump and hit his head on the asphalt. 65-year-old man is dead

The tragic accident took place on Wednesday morning in Zarzecze Street in Krakow. The man driving the electric scooter crashed into the speed bump and lost control of the bike. The 65-year-old fell to the asphalt. Despite being resuscitated, he did not survive.

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As reported by the Krakow police, the tragic accident occurred around 11:00 a 65-year-old riding an electric scooter along Zarzecze Street in the direction of Lea Street ran into a brake and lost control of the two-wheeler.

The 65-year-old hit his head on the asphalt

– After a while he fell on the road, hitting the asphalt with his head. Police officers and ambulance service were sent to the site. The accident turned out to be so serious that, despite the resuscitation, the man died – told junior aspirant Piotr Szpiech, press officer of the Krakow police.

As the officer reported, the prosecutor and the accident expert had been notified of the case. – We will explain the circumstances of this event – he informed.

Electric scooter regulations

People using electric scooters from May 2021 must comply with certain regulations regarding the use of these vehicles. The regulations indicate that the rider of an e-scooter must use a bicycle lane or a bicycle lane with a speed limit of 20 km / h. If there is no path for bicycles and a lane for bicycles, the driver of the electric scooter should use the road on which vehicle traffic is allowed at a speed of no more than 30 km / h, however, even there it may not exceed 20 km / h. Driving on the pavement is allowed only if the above conditions do not exist.

electric scooters parked on sidewalk

A person using the electric scooter must be an adult, have a bicycle license (for young people from 10 to 18 years of age), or have a driving license of categories AM, A1, B1, or T. Moreover, it is forbidden to ride under the influence of alcohol.

A new tariff has been in force since 2022, which also includes penalties for breaking the above regulations. If there is such a bike path, the scooter user is liable to pay a fine of 100 zlotys. The regulations provide for a fine of PLN 300 for driving too fast, similarly for driving with more than one person, and for obstructing pedestrian traffic.

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