Thor: Love and Thunder’s post-credits sequences, explained

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thor: Love and Thunder came to the cinema to baffle. The most recent Marvel movie is the most authorial of its factory, but also the closest to the original comic. Between both things, the film is a very curious vision between good, evil, power, and the divine. Full of jokes, and allusions to the universe of the publisher, and at the end, with a moving tragic sense, it is a unique work. One that excites and entertains in equal parts. Of course, the two post-credits scenes of Thor: Love and Thunder are also up to the task.

Post-credits scenes are part of Marvel lore. And on this occasion, they are so intense and well planned as to be a journey through everything that Waititi told on screen and his background. Both celebrate the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of them introduces a new character that fans have been waiting for years. The other is a symbolic farewell to one of the central characters of the saga. Together, they are testimony that the superhero saga is aware of the passage of time and the importance of its legacy.

We tell you in detail the two post-credit scenes of Thor: Love and Thunder and their weight for the medium-term future of the franchise. And especially, as a new character anticipates the return of Thor. Whether on the big screen or as part of a team of superheroes, it won’t be long. 

The first post-credits scene from Thor: Love and Thunder

The first post-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunder show Russell Crowe’s Zeus who managed to survive his confrontation with Thor. As will be remembered, the Olympian was wounded by his Lightning Bolt in the middle of a battle in the secret place of the gods. Everything happened after the Asgardian god traveled in the company of Valkyrie, Thor, and Mighty Thor to try to get help. But Zeus denied him and publicly ridiculed him. The result was a bare-handed fight in which Zeus was struck in the chest by his signature weapon. 

In the first post-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunder it is revealed that the god did not die. As he receives care for his chest wound caused by the lightning, he calmly explains his vision of power. “The gods have lost importance,” he says. “Now, people just love their superheroes,” he adds. The camera opens the shot to then show the patient listening to the character’s monologue. This is Hercules, the demigod son of Zeus in both mythology and Marvel, played by Brett Goldstein.

The so-called Prince of Power first appeared in Journey Into the Mystery Annual #1 in 1965. Creator Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are, unlike their mythological peer, the god of war in the Marvel universe. That could explain why Zeus’s next words are a threat. “All that will end when Thor Edison falls from the sky,” he mutters angrily. “And you will kill him,” he says to Hercules. The scene concludes and makes it clear that there will be a new installment — perhaps a series? — which will continue the adventures of Thor. 

Post-credits scene number two

The newcomer is none other than Heimdall (Idris Elba), who appears with long dreadlocks and his trademark golden eyes. “You’re dead,” reports the character, and after thanking Jane for taking care of her son, Axl Heimdallson, he points to the horizon. At a considerable distance, the shot shows a majestic construction with an imposing appearance, on a hill. “Welcome to the abode of the gods,” Heimdall then says. “Welcome to Valhalla.”

The post-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunder pay an undoubted tribute to Jason Aaron’s comic, in which Mighty Thor dies and is also accepted into Valhalla. Also, it is an obvious allusion to mythological data about Norse beliefs about the afterlife. According to the Poetic EDDA, ​​those who die in battle go to Valhalla after they die. 

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Written by Rachita Salian


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