How many additional scenes are there after the credits roll in the film Thor: Love and Thunder?

Thor Love and Thunder 1200by667
Thor Love and Thunder 1200by667

Thor: Love and Thunder have two post-credits scenes. Some that are deeply linked to the plot and could give some clues to the future of the Asgardian god sub-franchise. As if that wasn’t enough, the extra scenes included in the story show details about what can be expected for Marvel in the future. A possibility that excites fans because of the implications it could have in the medium plane. 

After all, Thor: Love and Thunder is a capsule production that doesn’t seem entirely related to the rest of the franchise. A caveat that makes each of the stories in Thor’s Tetralogy have its own personality. So much so that its impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe is very specific. The first Thor movie directed by Kenneth Brannagh paved the way for one of Marvel’s most iconic villains. Also, the motor point of the future Avengers of 2012. The second and third, however, almost completely lacked links with a broader argument. Except for the presence of the Asgardian hero and other very specific elements to the general map of things.

So Thor: Love and Thunder‘s post-credits scenes could open up a new place for the character in phase four. The new stage of the Marvel saga has been distinguished, until now, for being a careful presentation of characters. Also, for its ability to open new scenarios for those already known. Will the post-credits scenes of the new god of thunder movie be able to do both? Most likely, yes, in view of the rumors that point to a scenario that goes deeper into history. And even, the conclusion to a narrative line of the argument.

What Could Change the Storyline of Asgard’s Thor?

Until now, most of the plot of the Thor: Love and Thunder movie has been kept under wraps. In particular, the essential turns of its plot and where the journey of the charismatic central character is pointing. An important detail to have because with the film, a new chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will probably open.

The extra sequences in Marvel have become over the years something more than a tradition and a way of connecting with future projects. Also in a common thread of information and the introduction of new characters to the cinematographic world of La casa de las Ideas.

Watiti’s film is no exception. There are a fair amount of questions about all the new information it could bring to the Marvel saga. Especially what new narratives — characters, situations, or circumstances — are in the inevitable post-credit scenes. For now, the most widespread rumor is that the sequences of Thor: Love and Thunder will probably show a new panorama of the Asgardian hero. 

What can we expect from Thor: Love and Thunder’s post-credits scenes?

There are many questions that the extra sequences of Thor: Love and Thunder will be able to answer. Will the possibility of a fifth installment loom? New additions to the ever-growing Norse pantheon in the House of Ideas franchise? The return of a beloved character? The only thing certain is that the first scene will be shown, as is traditional, before the middle of the credits. The second shortest, at the end. Both are related or so the rumors seem to suggest, with a critical point in the central plot. For now, it only remains to wait for the theatrical release of the film to verify it. 

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Written by Rachita Salian


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