Season 2 of ‘Moon Knight’ has a big problem that no one counted on: Oscar Isaac

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The end of the first season of ‘Moon Knight’ makes it clear that Marvel did not devise the Disney + series as a closed story and that the story of the superhero played by Oscar Isaac could continue with new installments. Obviously, the study itself will have to decide if it is interested, but what perhaps nobody expected is that one of the great obstacles it has to materialize is the actor himself.

That’s how Isaac wanted it
You may remember that Marvel itself announced an important change in strategy last year that consisted of not tying its actors with leonine contracts that forced them to participate in several titles. Oscar Isaac himself was one of the first to benefit from that decision, since his contract only committed him to doing the first season of ‘Moon Knight’.

The protagonist of ‘About Llewyn Davis’ has not yet spoken about it, but during the promotional campaign for ‘Moon Knight’ he already highlighted that when Marvel offered him the role, he made it very clear to them what he was willing to do :

Since I wasn’t actively looking to get involved in another project this big, I was in a position to say, “That’s how I see it, and if you don’t see it that way, that’s fine, but then maybe it’s not a good fit for me.” .
Of course, he did not rule out interpreting it again, but he clarified that ” I think it depends on whether people like it, if they want to see more, and if we find a story worth telling “. With other actors, I wouldn’t even doubt that it’s a matter of time before a new project is announced, but Isaac doesn’t seem like someone very likely to participate in many blockbusters, so the future of ‘Moon Knight’ remains up in the air.

However, Isaac is also an executive producer of the series and even commented at the time with which other Marvel characters he would like to have a crossover . In addition, the reception both from critics and the public has been positive, so if he had to bet, he would say that they will end up reaching an agreement. It pays them both to be so. Of course, his superheroic universe would not suffer much from staying here, since it has been a series quite disconnected from it.


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