Amber Heard declared that Johnny Depp attacked her on a plane when he was jealous of James Franco

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Amber Heard Declared That Johnny Depp Attacked Her On A Plane When He Was Jealous Of James Franco
Amber Heard declared that Johnny Depp attacked her on a plane when he was jealous of James Franco

The legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues. After Johnny Depp took the stand to recount her version of what he experienced during her marriage to the actress, now it is her turn to narrate everything he experienced alongside the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

The first statements on her part are about how violent Depp was with her, to the point of threatening her and hitting her on different occasions. Now, the Aquaman actress accuses her ex-husband of having attacked her when she was jealous of James Franco, who was her partner in the movie The Adderall Diaries (2015).

Johnny Depp assaulted Amber Heard on board a private plane out of jealousy

According to Amber’s statements, the Diary of a Seducer actor hated Franco and when he found out that he had kissed him for one of the movie’s scenes, he exploded.

That happened when they were on board a private flight, while he was in an apparent alcoholic state and smelling of weed; Johnny would have insulted her ex-wife calling her a “bitch” and harassing her by asking her questions about what Franco “had done with her body” of hers, referring to sexually explicit things.

Amber reported feeling very scared at that moment, so she tried to avoid him at all costs, walking along the plane and between the seats, while he followed her, but there was a moment when she kicked him in the back.

“I was embarrassed that I could kick myself to the ground in front of everyone,” Heard said while confessing that this scene happened due to the indifference of the flight escorts and employees, who did nothing to help her or stop the plane. actor, 58 years old.

More episodes of jealousy by Johnny Depp

She also opened up about another time Johnny Depp accused her of flirting with someone else at the 2015 Met Gala; after the event, they returned to her hotel, and hers, upon claiming him, grabbed her and pushed her, and both began to struggle.

“It’s stronger than me. At some point, he hit me in the face (…) and I thought he had a broken nose, ”said the actress.

In past hearings, he also mentioned how violent Johnny Depp was during the 15 months they were married, showing photos, videos, and recordings where the Charly and the Chocolate Factory actor is seen lying, hitting furniture, and expressing how jealous they make him feel. some situations.

I get irrational when you’re making movies, I get jealous and fucking crazy, weird… we fight a lot,” the actor is heard saying in one of the tests shown by Heard.

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