Avengers 4: superhero identity that will save Iron Man from death is revealed

Avengers 4: Superhero Identity That Will Save Iron Man From Death Is Revealed

Avengers 4 put millions of fans of Marvel in suspense with the worrying situation of Iron Man, who could lose his life by being stranded in space with Nebula.


Avengers 4 filled with emotion the millions with the world premiere of their first trailer, which revealed the consequences of the disaster caused by Thanos, who annihilated half of the entire universe with the power of the gems of infinity and a single snap of fingers . A detail in the video showed the terrible conditions in which Iron Man is, who could lose his life in the middle of space.

The trailer of Marvel not only revealed the suffering of the Avengers for their fallen comrades in the fight, but also the hard moment that lives Tony Stark, who is stranded in space without food or food, in addition is accompanied by Nebula, the sister of Gamora.


In one part of the trailer you see how Iron Man sends a message with the last energy reserve of his suit, with the intention of telling Pepper how much he loved her and regrets having left the Earth. The scene was one of the most moving for the followers, who wonder about how they will get out of the predicament.

Through Instagram, a new filtration on Avengers 4 moved millions of fans, since the hopes would not be lost for Iron Man and Nebula, since a superhero would approach the ship that is adrift in space with the intention to help them. Although it is not clear who is the mysterious character, the first hypotheses were revealed.
Some followers of the Instagram account of Ultrawaw indicated that it may be Pepper Potts, the bride of Iron Man played by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who would have a special reserve suit created by the superhero for when he was absent from the Land.


Other theories indicate that it could be a War Machine, but until now it is unknown who it is; however, it is certain that Iron Man will overcome the eventuality to join his friends in Avengers 4 and participate in the final battle against Thanos.

Avengers 4 could overcome the collection of Infinity War, which managed to make $ 2 trillion in the world and became the fourth highest grossing film in history, only behind Avatar, Titanic and Star Wars


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