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WhatsApp: this way you can have the exclusive stickers of the Telegram app

Whatsapp Telegram

With this trick you can get all the exclusive Telegram stickers on WhatsApp, which you can not find outside of this application.

Whatsapp Telegram Stickers Android

Thanks to this note you can install all Telegram stickers on WhatsApp. As you know, both applications are very famous in the world of messaging and likewise, similar. However, in one of them it is more difficult to install these figures, while in the other, not so much.

The majority of those who use WhatsApp have some annoyances when making their own stickers, because they have to install external applications, as well as download images and convert them into .png files to just convert them. In Telegram, it is the opposite, because it is much simpler.

Next we will teach you the process that you will have to follow, which is divided into two parts. First, how to download the Telegram stickers using a bot of this application and then how to use Personal Stickers for WhatsApp, to be uploaded to this app.

First you must download the Telegram stickers. For this, you will need a bot, which can be found in the magnifying glass icon. Once you are there, you will have to place @Stickerdownloadbot, when you have done this, you will only need the URL of the pack of stickers that you want to have.

Once you have this link, you must go back to Telegram and enter the @Stickerdownloadbot bot. When you give the start button, the bot will send you some explanations and you will have to place the URL of the sticker pack that you just copied. Once this is done, it will send you some ZIP files with all the images.

After that, you must unzip the ZIP file inside a folder on your cell phone. To install it on your WhatsApp, you must download the Personal Sticker for WhatsApp application. Once you have done this, you enter this app to automatically identify all the .png files.

As a last step, you will have to click on the add button, which will allow you to finally use all the Telegram stickers in WhatsApp. Now you can be the envy of all your friends.


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