Avengers 4: Deadpool Joins The Tape And Looks Like an Avenger in Trailer

deadpool 1
deadpool 1

A few Days after the premiere of Avengers 4, a fan modified the trailer and surprised everyone by revealing what the film would look like if Deadpool were included.

Avengers: Endgame has the fans of Marvel anguished by having to wait a couple of months to learn what will happen to their favorite superheroes.

In the midst of uncertainty, a YouTube user decided to make some minor modifications to the first Avengers trailer: Endgame and included the popular Deadpool on the tape.

As an avenger, the character that gives life Ryan Reynolds steals the roles of Ironman, Black Widow and Captain America, to show that he is still in search of his beloved Wolverine.

In the video entitled ‘Everyone is Ryan Reynolds’, Deadpool puts himself in the shoes of all the characters that appear in Avengers and steals their dialogues. But the creator of this parody has not settled for that, it has changed conversations and also included some personal touch and a love story that fans of Marvel and DC will understand

The images allow us to see a Deadpool in the body of Tony Stark lost in the middle of space and saying goodbye to the mask of Wolverine. If we compare it with the original trailer, this moment corresponds to the farewell that Ironman records to his beloved Pepper Potts.

“I can not believe I’m talking to a mask right now, part of the tour includes the ending, and all those thoughts that tell me that we can not make a movie together,” he says in the dialogue.

Later we can see that Deadpool takes the body of Captain America in the scene in which he looks at the photo of his beloved, but in his place it is appreciated Wolverin (Hugh Jackman).

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