WhatsApp: Now you can send message to users who have blocked you

WhatsApp Notifications
WhatsApp Notifications

You have to try. If you use and want to communicate with someone who blocked you, then you have to follow this simple trick that few people know.



Few knew this “bug”. For years WhatsApp is the favorite messaging application for people; however, few know the secret tricks that this famous app hides, one of them allows you to converse with those people who decided to block you and in this publication we will teach you.

In case you do not want to send a message, because if you are wrong you will spend a very embarrassing moment, another way to know if you were blocked from WhatsApp is to try to add that person to a group. If you can not, then your suspicions are true.

Believe it or not, WhatsApp has a very simple trick, that few people know, with which you can communicate with that person who decided to block you. It is worth noting that you should not install any app and also works with Android and iPhone.

The first thing you should do is look for a friend, who should add to your contacts the number of the person who blocked you. Then you must open WhatsApp and create a group of three people: He, the person who blocked you and you.

Next, that friend will have to leave the group conversation of WhatsApp, this way it will be only you and the person who blocked you, who will see your messages, though he decided to prevent you from getting in touch with him or her.


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