The incredible transformation of Lily James into Pamela Anderson, the romantic outing of Rita Ora and Taika Waititi: celebrities in a click

In addition, Alessandra Ambrosio went to eat at a restaurant in West Hollywood and Jessica Alves walked through London

Lily James
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Lily James Became Pamela Anderson For &Quot;Pam And Tommy&Quot;, The Series In Which He Plays Her And Which Is Filming These Days In Malibu, California.  There She Was Seen Wearing A Red Bathing Suit And Running Along The Beach Recreating The Iconic Scene From The '90S (Photos: The Grosby Group)Lily James became Pamela Anderson for “Pam and Tommy”, the series in which he plays her and which is filming these days in Malibu, California. There she was seen wearing a red bathing suit and running along the beach recreating the iconic scene from the ’90s (Photos: The Grosby Group)
Alessandra Ambrosio Set A Trend With Her Look.  The Model Went To Lunch At The Exclusive Bottega Louie Restaurant, In West Hollywood, California, And Wore Gray Capri Jogging Pants That She Combined With A White Jean Jacket And A Long-Sleeved T-Shirt In The Same Color.  In Addition To Sunglasses, He Completed His Outfit With An Animal Print MaskAlessandra Ambrosio set a trend with her look. The model went to lunch at the exclusive Bottega Louie restaurant, in West Hollywood, California, and wore gray capri jogging pants that she combined with a white jean jacket and a long-sleeved T-shirt in the same color. In addition to sunglasses, he completed his outfit with an animal print mask
Eiza Gonzalez Took A Pilates Class And Was Photographed When She Was Leaving The Room.  She Wore A Sporty Set Of Leggings And One-Shoulder Top.  He Also Wore His Corresponding Mask And Used His Stockings Over His LeggingsEiza Gonzalez took a Pilates class and was photographed when she was leaving the room. She wore a sporty set of leggings and one-shoulder top. He also wore his corresponding mask and used his stockings over his leggings
Emily Ratajkowski Went For A Walk With Her Baby Through The Streets Of New York.  The Model Wore A White Dress, Green Cap And Orange Purse.  He Completed His Outfit With White Leather Sneakers And SunglassesEmily Ratajkowski went for a walk with her baby through the streets of New York. The model wore a white dress, green cap and orange purse. He completed his outfit with white leather sneakers and sunglasses
Super Colorful Look.  Justin Bieber Went To Eat At The Exclusive Soho House Restaurant In West Hollywood And Surprised With An Extravagant JacketSuper colorful look. Justin Bieber went to eat at the exclusive Soho House restaurant in West Hollywood and surprised with an extravagant jacket
Romance Confirmed!  Rita Ora And Taika Waititi Went For Breakfast At An Exclusive Restaurant In Bondi Beach, Australia.  They Were Photographed When They Left, With Coffee In Hand, And They Were Romantically Walking Embraced
Romance confirmed! Rita Ora and Taika Waititi went for breakfast at an exclusive restaurant in Bondi Beach, Australia. They were photographed when they left, with coffee in hand, and they were romantically walking embraced
Jessica Alves Walked Through The Streets Of Marylebone, In London, England, And Wore A Total Red Look: Pants, Long-Sleeved Shirt, Leather Wallet.  He Only Wore Black In His Stiletto Shoes.  He Even Painted His Lips Red
Jessica Alves walked through the streets of Marylebone, in London, England, and wore a total red look: pants, long-sleeved shirt, leather wallet. He only wore black in his stiletto shoes. He even painted his lips red
Rumer Willis Was Photographed As She Was Leaving Her Pilates Class In West Hollywood.  The Actress -Daughter Of Bruce Willis And Demi Moore- Wore A Floral Print Dress, Green Sweater, Which She Combined With Her Mask And Canvas Shoes.
Rumer Willis was photographed as she was leaving her Pilates class in West Hollywood. The actress -daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore- wore a floral print dress, green sweater, which she combined with her mask and canvas shoes.
Work And Family.  Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Visited The Jonas Brothers Studio In Hollywood, Where They Had A Work Meeting
Work and family. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas visited The Jonas Brothers studio in Hollywood, where they had a work meeting
Emma Stone Had A Business Meeting In An Office Building In Los Angeles.  She Was Seen When She Was Leaving There Carrying A Backpack And Her Purse With Personal Items.  In Addition, He Used His Corresponding Mask (Photos: The Grosby Group)Emma Stone had a business meeting in an office building in Los Angeles. She was seen when she was leaving there carrying a backpack and her purse with personal items. In addition, he used his corresponding mask (Photos: The Grosby Group)


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