At the Oscars pre-party, Eiza González provides a fashion and style chair

Eiza Gonzalezz
Eiza Gonzalezz

With her provocative costume at the Oscars pre-party, Mexican actress Eiza González once again lectured on fashion, style, and trends.

The 2023 Oscars will be held on March 12, and one of the Mexicans who is shining in that country with her ability and beauty, Eiza González, astonished everyone with her simple, but revealing attire for the pre-show party.

Eiza Gonzalez is now one of the most important guests at key Hollywood events

Being a member of Hollywood aristocracy, Eiza González could not be left out of the several parties that take place in Los Angeles prior to the event, and she dazzled at the “CAA Pre-Oscar Party,” at Sunset Tower Hotel.

Eiza González is undeniably obsessed with fashion and trends, therefore she knew exactly what to wear to this party, so she shocked this time with an olive green shirt, a hue that always showcases her tight skin, paired with leather trousers and pointed suede ankle boots.

eiza gonzalez 3

Although any mortal could believe that an Oscars event should be dressed up, the Mexican revealed that she is one of the women who believe that less is more, well, her attire could actually be worn in any casual occasion, just suitable for a party without so much stance.

As a result, Eiza González chose a basic accessory, a salmon-colored bag, while her styling and cosmetics stood out for being very natural: loose hair and makeup that complemented her skin’s tan, with “nude” lips.

Despite the upcoming hot season, the Mexican attire is reminiscent of a trend seen on the catwalks that derives from the emergence of the motorcycle style seen last year (and that, apparently, will continue this anus).

In this way, Eiza González proves her wide acceptability in the magnificent world of cinema in the United States, which is why she is chosen for these major celebrations, which only happen once a year.

eiza gonzalez

As always, she amazes with her elegance, beauty, demeanour, and the neatness of her outfit, promoting the name of Mexico.

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